Tips for sleeping position of pregnant women


Maternal and Child Health Articles Tips and Positions Sleeping For Pregnant Women – Sleeping for pregnant women is a necessity. The existence of a fetus in the stomach provides tension in the mother’s body, that’s why pregnant women get tired and need more rest time.

Tips and sleeping position for pregnant women, for fetal development good, a mother must pay attention to quality and position of tudur.

Here are 10 tips that need to be considered by pregnant women as quoted from coolhealthtips, Thursday (29/3/2012), among others:

1. Expand Rest
During pregnancy try to rest as much as possible and try to increase your hours of sleep.

2. Set the Night Hour
Sleeping at the same hour every night will get used to having a special schedule to rest. This is good for the health of mother and fetus.

3. Sleep with Head and Neck Position Lifted.
Sleeping with the head and neck lifted can lower stomach acid.

4. Avoid Nightmares
A burdened mind when going to bed will sometimes get carried away to a dream. To avoid nightmares, share with your spouse about your problems and fears and avoid too many dinners.

5. Use Extra Pillows
In the first trimester of pregnancy, you can use an extra pillow between the knees or under the belly so that the body is more comfortable when sleeping.

6. Wear a Long Pillow
You will be able to enjoy a better sleep in the second trimester of pregnancy by placing a pillow between the knees and the pillow extending from the back to the abdomen.

7. Leaning Left to Left
In the third trimester, try to sleep tilted to the left so that blood circulation can be increased toward the uterus, fetus and kidney. The blood circulation in the heart can also be improved in this way.

8. Do Small Activity
Entering the third trimester, pregnant women sometimes can not sleep at night. Do some activities like watching TV and listening to music before you try to sleep again.

9. Overcome Foot Cramps
Pregnant women sometimes experience cramps in the legs, to overcome them straighten your legs and move your legs up while lying in bed.

Pregnancy requires women to be more rested and not stressed as this will ensure healthy fetal growth. Avoid doing heavy work, regular exercise and eating nutritious food. – Tips and Position Sleep For Pregnant Women.

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