Mother, This Time The Little Guy Started To Brush Teeth


Oral hygiene in children, better start implanted since the early. The earlier the old man taught, then the easy turn child makes a habit of this as routine. Yet, when the hell should The Little ones start toothbrush first?

Teeth and gums is very important for the health of The Little ones. Up care the teeth of children should have already begun since his first teeth grow.

Based On The Recommendation Of Members

Baby teeth are basically already starting to grow since it was still in the womb. It’s just, 20 candidates of the tooth that is still hidden behind the gums.

The teeth will then start to look when stepping on the age of 6-10 months. Generally bottom teeth will appear first, to grow entirely around the age of three years.

Most members of health recommend that children start brushing teeth since four of the teeth first grow. However, some give recommendation to postpone until The Little ones aged 2-3 years.

When The Small new first time combing teeth, try to choose a toothbrush with the bristles of the comb are soft and the head comb measuring small. Customize with the age of the child. From the age of 2 years, a tube of toothpaste with the content of fluoride can be used.

Get used to combing the the teeth two times a day. When already conditioned since the early ages, then the easier it also makes The Little guy rubbing his teeth on a routine basis. To 6 years of age, should be a routine combing teeth accompanied by a parent or other adult. After that age, children can be left to brush teeth independently.

Tips Treat The Teeth Of The Little Ones

Treat teeth actually can be done since the baby is not yet teething. Carry and Then clean the teeth gently with a circular motion for two minutes. Lift his lips to brush the front and back of the teeth as well as gum line.

Then, each time finished breastfeeding, seka part gums The Little ones in a slow and gentle use of wet wipes. This way can get rid of the bacteria cause the appearance of plaque on the teeth, which would grow

When The Little ones start using a toothbrush, here are a few things You should note:

  • Select a toothbrush with small dimensions. Soak the comb teeth in advance on the warm water for a few minutes before use. If it still feels hard, soak it again the comb teeth longer in the warm water.
  • Use toothpaste quite as big as grains of rice on the surface of the comb, to the time of the beginning of the comb teeth.
  • When brushing his teeth, focus on the part of the teeth and gums meet. Remember, do it gently.
  • Ask The Little ones to spit out the toothpaste too much and the foam of the pasta from his mouth. Then have it rinse out with clean water.
  • Remember to replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months once. If, however, the quality of the comb teeth is not good, over more quickly.
  • Don’t ever lend the comb teeth of The Little ones on other people.
  • Last, save the comb teeth in a position to stand on the container to dry and open.

Don’t forget, Mother and Father also should give an example of combing teeth up even Though his teeth haven’t suffered the damage, can coke take The Little ones to the dentist to check the condition of her teeth and asking for advice treatment the right.

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