Kinds Of Allergies Based On The Cause


Allergy is a reaction to excessive body against a substance or object that normally do not cause disease. There are various allergies that can arise and cause health problems.

Allergies appear due to the presence of contact substances the originator of a specific allergy. These substances are called allergens. The time of occurrence of the contact, the allergic reaction will appear because the immune system considers a substance an allergen is able to cause harm to the body, although in fact the substance is not harmful.

Kinds Of Allergies Based On The Cause
Kinds Of Allergies Based On The Cause

Variety of Allergies that Can Occur

So You do not mistakenly known allergies suffered, following various kinds of allergies that usually occur:

  • Food allergies

Food allergy is a reaction of the immune system after the consumption of certain foods that trigger allergies. Allergic reactions in the form of the skin and mouth itch, lip and face swelling, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, to difficulty breathing.

This condition will appear after the person consumes certain foods that trigger allergies. Foods that often cause allergies are egg, milk, peanut, fish, shellfish, wheat, and soy.

  • Skin allergies

Skin allergies occur when substances allergens that trigger allergies in contact with the skin. Allergic reaction include skin reddening, rash, itching, to swelling, it will usually happen after physical contact to the substance. Substances allergens that can trigger skin allergies are very diverse, ranging from pollen, nickel metal, a cream applied to the skin, certain plants, and latex, to beauty products or cleaning products that contain certain substances.

  • Dust allergy

Dust is one of the substances that can cause allergies. In addition to dust, allergic reactions dust can be due to mites or fleas, pet feces, carcass of a dead cockroach, and spores. A person who is experiencing allergies to dust will usually experience watery eyes, red eyes, itching, sneezing, itchy nose and congestion, post-exposed by the substances that trigger the allergy occurs. To cope with dust allergies, it is advisable to keep the cleanliness of the environment around the well. Use a mask when cleaning the house.

  • Drug allergy

Drug allergy is an overreaction of the immune system against the drug consumed. The drug consumed is considered by the body as it can harm. There are many types of drugs that can trigger the onset of allergies, including antibiotics such as penicillin, pain medications like aspirin, chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer, and drugs to cope with an autoimmune disease.You should immediately consulting a doctor if You feel any allergic reaction after taking the drug, such as skin rashes, itching, fever, swelling, breath sounds wheezing, watery eyes and shortness of breath.

The principle of treatment of allergy the main thing is to identify the cause of the allergy and avoiding precipitating factors such allergies. To treat complaints that are annoying, can be given drugs antihistamines to reduce itching. As for severe allergies your doctor may also give corticosteroid drugs.

From a variety of allergies above, allergic reactions appear to be different for each person. Although generally allergic reactions do not endanger the lives, You need to be alert to the occurrence of the reaction anaphylactic. Although rare, anaphylactic reaction should look out for because it can be life-threatening if not dealt with immediately. This condition is characterized by difficult breathing, pulse weakened, increased heartbeat and pale.

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