Hormonal Changes And Morning Sickness (Pregnant 1 Month)


When pregnant 1 months, You have not yet look pregnant. Namun may have felt the symptoms-particular symptoms, tnd, it’s late, nausea, and vomiting, or often referred to as morning sickness.

Fertilization typically happens around two weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period, around the time once the body produces egg cells. To the moment of reaching the age of pregnant of 1 month, the form of the fetal remains is a group of cells called the embryo, which continues to the splitting of the self and grow to be a little baby in the following months.


How The Growth Of The Fetus 1 Month?

While pregnant 1 month or 4 weeks, the baby still resembles a small point with the measure of length around 0.2 cm. The cells in the embryo clumped to later develop into parts of the body.

Pregnant 4 weeks

The embryo starts growing in the uterus. The cells of the outermost begin to form a network to supply the blood of the mother. While the cells of the part in the formed becomes two, then three layers, to then grow into the body of the baby. Layer-the layer such that:

  • Endoderm: the inner-most layer in which is formed be a system of breathing and digestion, such as the lungs, intestines, stomach, and bladder.
  • Mesoderm: the middle layer that develops into muscle, bone, heart, and blood vessels.
  • Ektoderm: the outer layer which later becomes the nervous system, brain, tooth enamel, nails, lens of the eye, and the skin.

This week, the embryo attaches on the yolk sac sac the supply of nutrients to the fetus. In the next few weeks, this function will then be replaced by the placenta. The cells of the placenta that grow on the uterine wall provides the flow of blood which ensures that the fetus gets enough nutrition and oxygen.

 Pregnant 5 weeks

  • At this time generally a new women began to realize that they are pregnant because it’s late.
  • The baby’s nervous system and major organs start to develop.
  • Formed as a tube hollow or tuba neural as the development of a layer of ektoderm which later will become the spinal cord and brain of the baby. The twists at the end of the tuba neural can culminate in spina bifida or handicapped fund nervous. While, the twists on the head of the tuba neural resulting in anencephaly or condition when the cranium is not well formed.
  • The heart and vessels are already starting to form. At this time, the circulation of blood already starting to work. A blood vessels will be formed, which would later develop into the umbilical cord, for connecting the circulation of blood baby with the mother.

Pregnant 6 week

  • Embryos from sickle-shaped and have a tail up to look like a tadpole with a thin skin that invisibility.
  • Formed bulge at the end of the tuba neural that will grow into the head and brain.
  • When done the inspection of the ULTRASOUND, the heart can start to look throbbing.
  • Prospective legs and arms starting to look.
  • There is a basin small on both sides of the head that will grow into ears. Also there is a district with a surface thickened, which will develop into eyes.
  • His heart was beating 150 beats per minute.

Pregnant 7 weeks

  • The embryo has grown to be 10 mm.
  • The brain was rapidly growing up to make the head grow more quickly and has greater compared
  • The embryo seem to have the forehead measuring large with the eyes and ears of the part in which continues to grow.
  • Cartilage starting to form and starting to grow into the bones of the arms and legs.
  • Nerve cells start to multiply themselves and grow into the nervous system.

The changes that Happen at the Moment Pregnant 1 Month

In the age of the pregnancy 3 weeks, generally many who do not realize that herself pregnant because don’t feel the symptoms any. However some women will likely feel an increased volume of vaginal discharge, slight cramps, back pain and headaches.

When pregnant 7 weeks, Your uterus has grown into the size of a lemon. You will probably feel faint, easy tired, the breast feels engorged and pain, as well as the more often the urge to urinate.

Around 90% of pregnant women feel nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy time, known with the term morning sicknessSuch symptoms is a sign that the pregnancy hormone in Your body sufficiently to support pregnancy. Women who suffered from nausea in the early time of pregnancy have a lower risk of experiencing a miscarriage than those who do not suffer from nausea. Though doesn’t mean that women are not nauseous, can’t get a pregnancy that is healthy.

Anything that Should be Checked?

You may need to try to undergo pregnancy checks with the testpack more than one time. Some women have to wait until 2-3 weeks after it’s late so that the rate of the pregnancy hormone is high enough to be detected. After positive pregnant, You’d better and the pair immediately consult to the doctor content.

Some women can feel symptoms of morning sickness worse compared to the other, to not able to do the activity normal. If not accurately addressed, these conditions can cause depression, even interfere with the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus.

Nausea in early pregnancy time can also be very severe, or known as hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)This situation is marked by the frequency of vomiting is high, not able to eat and drink as well as weight loss. HG can also be influential to the health of the baby. Therefore, if the nausea that’s very bothersome, immediately check yourself into the doctor to get the handling right.

Things that Need to be Observed When Pregnant 1 Months

The following are things that can be done and should be avoided when pregnant 1 months:

  • If morning sickness is not too intrusive, continues to active athletics to be able to make the body stay fit. Choose a sport that fits in the time of pregnancy.
  • Remember that Your fetus will follow the consuming and getting the impact of all Your consumption. Avoid cigarettes, caffeine, illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, and certain foods such as raw foods can be dangerous for the fetus.
  • Consult also all drugs which are being or will be consumed, neither drug-free nor a prescribed.
  • Lifestyle changes, such as avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, is also true for Your partner. Smoke that is inhaled pregnant mother can be bad for the fetus.
  • Consumption supplement acid folate for pregnant moms, which also contain iron.
  • Changes in the uterus and physical changes of the pregnant mother can make the body quickly tired. Make sure You get rest enough every day.

Though not many changes are visible on Your body at the time of pregnancy of 1 month, already a lot of changes that happened in the womb. Enter the age of the pregnancy 2 months later, the volume of blood in the body will increase 40-50 percent. Meanwhile, prospective members of the body will be more seen in the embryo.

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