5 Factors That May Make You Hard To Have Kids


Some couples may simply get the descent, as the new month got married but already a direct positive pregnant. However, there is also a vice versa. It’s been many years married, but I also had descendants. You experience it also? Maybe this is the cause!

Hard to have children may be caused because there fertility problems in your body or a couple, or it could be the combination of disorders the health of on you two. The following 5 factors you might be hard to have offspring.

Stress. In fact the doctor didn’t know for sure the reason why the stress associated with hard to have offspring. Even so, a number of research indicates the existence of a relationship between two things.

When stressed, the release of egg cells by the ovary may experience interference. You may be able to experience a delay of ovulation (fertile time) or even not at all. If the egg cell released by the ovary, the quality may not as good as when your condition is normal, according to the conjecture of a doctor.

Lifestyle not healthy. If you smoke, the risk of you suffering from disorders of health will increase. One is the disruption of fertility. Smoking can interfere with the process of the uterus receive the egg cell. Not only that, in men, production of sperm can be reduced and the DNA becomes damaged due to smoking.

Consuming alcoholic beverages in excess may also be able to trouble you have momongan. Even smoking can get rid of positive results from therapy fertility. While in men, alcoholic beverages consumed too much can reduce production of sperm, thus slowing down the movement of sperm.

The weight of the body. If you have the weight of the body is too skinny or too fat, your chances of being a parent will be stopped. According to research, mothers who belong to the advantages of body weight (overweight) and obesity are two times slower to be pregnant in the compare those who have the weight of the body normal. Well, to find out if your weight is normal or not, you can check the index of mass of body (IMT). IMT is acquired from the division of weight in the unit of kilograms by height in meters squared.

Your weight belongs to the normal if the IMT was in the range from 18.5 to 24.9.

Age. Your chance to own the offspring can be diminished when you’re trying to conceive at the age 35 years and above. At that age, the fertility of a woman can be decreased drastically. While in men, the husbandman may be decreased at the age of above 40 years.

Had disorders of health. In women, disorders of health that may affect you to have children which are:

  • Endometriosis. When the tissue of the endometrium grows outside the uterus. This is often affect the function of the uterus, ovary, and tuba falopi.
  • Tuba falopi broken or clogged. These conditions can happen as a result of inflammatory diseases of the pelvis, inflammation tuba falopi, infections sexually transmitted, or endometriosis.
  • Disorders of ovulation. This condition can impede the ovaries to release egg cells.
  • Thyroid problems. Too much or little thyroid hormone can interrupt the menstrual cycle or cause fertility disorders.

While in men, disorders of health that could trouble you to have a descendant such as diabetes, genetic defect, or disease gondong (mumps). Enlarged veins in the testes can increase blood flow and warm the body in the area will also affect the volume and shape of the sperm. This all can make the production of abnormal sperm. Hard to have kids also could happen if a man suffering from premature ejaculation.

If you want to have momongan, yuk, stay away from things that can make you hard to have kids. When you have disruption of health as mentioned above, immediately consult to a doctor in order to get the handling right.

Remember, it’s hard to have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have momongan forever. With medical care, you can, of coke, increasing your chance to be the old man. So, do not be sad and despair. If deemed necessary, you can follow the program of pregnancy is now a lot of offered by the the hospital.

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